3 Helpful Tips to Build Business Credit

Business man and woman discussing how to build business credit.

Owning a business is hard work. It requires a person to work day in and day out to make sure everything goes smoothly. One factor that can cause quite a bit of stress for a new business owner is attempting to build business credit. The good news is, with the tips here, anyone can build their credit and enjoy being able to increase their reach and success.

The Owner should Know their Personal Credit Rating

When it comes to establishing business credit the first thing to learn is what the business owner’s credit rating is. For many banks that are considering lending to a small business, they will look for a credit rating that is, at least, in the mid-600s. This can vary, but on average what is required. A person can boost their personal credit rating by paying bills on time and keeping a low ratio of available credit to debt.

Apply for Credit Prior to Actually Needing It

Establishing business credit when starting a business.When it comes to learning how to establish business credit, it is also important to apply for credit prior to actually needing it. Big business tycoons like D. Gary Young advise that in order to start building a history of credit for a business, try to apply for some type of credit soon after opening the doors. In many cases, a small business will have to be established for a few years prior to banks feeling comfortable enough to offer a sizable line of credit.

Use and Build Business Credit Acquired

There are some businesses that have enviable credit histories who applied for credit lines and cards early and actually used them. The fact is, this is a great business credit building program. When a business is able to establish some type of payment history, request that their credit limit be increased then it will look good and help the credit for the business grow.

There is no question that starting a business is hard. Learning how to get and grow credit will make it a bit easier. Keeping the tips here in mind will help ensure that any business can receive the credit that they want and that they deserve.