The Benefits of Exercise and Using the Right Gear

Benefits of Exercise

People cannot be at their optimum level of health unless they make the benefits of exercise part of their daily lives. It is important to choose a regimen that includes both cardiovascular exercise and strength training. Each offers different types of benefits and both are necessary to staying fit and happy. Two popular exercise activities today are weight lifting and cycling.

Benefits of Exercise: Cycling

Cycling makes it possible for people to burn calories and create lean, strong muscles. It strengthens the heart and lungs and can improve blood pressure, helps to maintain a normal weight and increases stamina. Cyclists gain all the same benefits as runners, but are able to do so without the stress on their hips, knees and ankles that runners experience.

Important Cycling Gear

Gary Young BMX Bike RidingBeyond purchasing a bicycle, helmet and sneakers, there are other considerations that can increase the comfort of bike riding. Professional cyclists like Gary Young agree that the right clothing matters when cycling, too. Pants should not be loose, because of the risk of getting caught in the tires. The fabric can also blow around and cause wind resistance. Pants and shorts should be relatively seamless and remain in place to reduce the risk of chafing. Many cyclists wear custom cycling jerseys that fit snug, are made from moisture wicking fabrics and are aerodynamic.

Benefits of Exercise: Weight Training

Most people imagine weight training as an activity for someone who wants large, bulky muscles. However, weight lifting is a sport that anyone can participate in and use to improve their health. Muscles burn calories faster, so building muscle will reduce fat at the same time. It has also been shown to increase bone density, strengthen tendons and connective tissue and improve motor skills. This reduces the risk of injuries and helps people to have better balance and stability.

Weight Lifting Gear

Weight lifting requires minimal gear. Some use a back brace to protect their lower back, but for most people this is unnecessary. Aside from comfortable workout clothing and shoes, the one item everyone should have is weight lifting gloves. These affordable and simple products prevent blisters and chafing and strengthen the wrist. By using the gloves, many lifters are able to move up to higher weights.

There are an endless amount of benefits of exercise. It relieves depression, provides numerous physical benefits and is a social activity that helps people to meet others with common interests. With the right gear, it is much easier to excel in any activity and be encouraged to continue with the sport.