Tips for Upgrading Your Truck’s Storage and Performance

If you have a diesel truck, you have a heavy-duty, hardworking vehicle, and you need to get the best use and performance from it you can. A good truck is worth upgrading, and even relatively minor additions can make a big difference in how well your truck works for you. The following are some tips for improving your truck in both performance and storage capacity.

Improving truck performance

unnamedUpgrading the exhaust flow system by installing a wide-diameter exhaust pipe can improve your truck’s performance by keeping the temperature of the exhaust gas low. This can extend the life of your engine. In addition, venting the exhaust gas more quickly can improve the horsepower and torque of the engine.

Another performance improvement is to replace the original electronic control module with an aftermarket version that can adjust the amount, pressing and timing of fuel injection. The aftermarket control module can also alter the turbo boost pressure and transmission shifting to make improvements in overall performance.

In addition, installing a Fass fuel system Duramax can improve your engine’s performance by creating a positive flow of fuel, eliminating the vacuum a standard fuel pump tends to create, and decreasing the amount of air that normally gets introduced into diesel fuel.

Improving storage for trucks

truckToolboxes are an essential part of storage. Adding a bigger or more efficient one can improve your truck’s storage capacity. Look for lightweight, durable aluminum boxes with┬ámultiple storage compartments, including small drawers. Also, consider a design that will minimize wind resistance and increase your truck’s fuel efficiency.

Not only do toolboxes store tools and other things you need to carry, tool boxes for trucks are a means of securing your tools from weather damage and from thieves. Look for a toolbox with a key entry that is well-protected from moisture.

Cargo gates and truck bed organizers are accessories that can help you load your cargo efficiently and protect it from damage. While a gate demarcates one area of a truck bed, an organizer divides an area into multiple smaller compartments.

A truck bed extender can increase the length of your truck by one or two feet. This can significantly increase your carrying capacity.