Smart Ways to Avoid Costly Home Appliance Repairs

Every homeowner should know basic kitchen appliance maintenance. It is good to know in order to avoid appliance repair services. It saves a lot of money in the long run.1963_Frigidaire_Imperial_refrigerator

Start with the Refrigerator

A good place to start learning is with the refrigerator. Indeed, the fridge is one of the major purchases in a kitchen. And, keeping it clean is very important. Wash down the inside of the fridge on a regular basis. Likewise, clean the outside including the coils. The coils need to be clean to keep air flowing to the appliance. If the airflow is restricted, the refrigerator can overheat. Then, you would need refrigerator repairs.

Next Challenge is the Dishwasher

Keep the dishwasher in good repair by scraping the plates. Getting rid of food debris keeps the machine’s pump from getting clogged. Likewise, only use detergent made for dishwashers in the machine. Other soaps are too thick and may cause a blockage in the pipes. Experts say to avoid damaging the racks in the dishwasher. Interestingly, the racks are as expensive as the machine.

Keep the Oven Clean

A good working range and oven are key to any kitchen. Avoid kitchen appliance repairs by keeping them clean. The oven should be cleaned regularly. Indeed, letting spilled food build up can cause intense smoking when the oven is on. Additionally, clean any food debris sticking to the burners.

Don’t Neglect the MicrowaveSiemens-hf15G541

Avoid microwave repairs by watching what you put inside. Most dishes have a mark on the bottom that states whether it can be microwaved. Further, never use foil or metal in the appliance. This causes what is known as “flashing.” Be careful not to turn on the microwave when it is empty. This causes overheating and is expensive to repair.

Don’t Overwork the Washing Machine

Putting the proper size load in a washing machine helps to avoid more costly appliance repairs. Placing too many clothes inside strains the motor. However, loads that are too small will cause an imbalance. The machine rocks and makes a lot of noise, which can damage many components. The same advice goes for the dryer. Use the right cycle for the amount of clothes being dried. Also, clean the lint filter regularly to avoid a fire hazard.

The first step to avoiding appliance repairs is to do proper regular maintenance. If you remember to take care of your appliances, you will extend the life of your appliances and be able to use them for many more years.